Automatic Assembly Lines

The Atlantic computerised line is designed to streamline production of insulated glass units. Double and Triple glazed units are produced with line in automatic mode, shapes in semi-automatic and wash only mode if the assembly line is not required. Standard units are produced with the line in automatic mode, shapes in semi-automatic, and wash only mode if the assembly line is not required.


  • Whole line is PLC computer controlled
  • Roller press is also PLC controlled detecting glass size prior to pressing, achieving a uniform seal
  • Suitable for soft and hard coat applications
  • Semi-automatic mode: Overhead bridge not used and second pane of glass is accompanied by hand for shaped units
  • The washer can be used on its own if required
  • Maximum glass size on above line 2800mm
  • Line requires 63 Amp 3 phase, compressed air, mains water
  • Double and Triple Glazing assembly functions.


  • 1600mm or 2000mm heights
  • Line without washer can be fitted to existing 4 & 6 brush machines if they have inverter drives driven outfeed racks
  • Short line which excludes sections 6 & 7 is available for spacer bar type users
  • Larger rack sizes can be ordered to increase the maximum glass sizes
  • Tilt tables and extra conveyors are available for the line
  • 1600mm, 2000mm or 2500mm wash/assembly height


Technical Drawing