Water Treatment Equipment

Water Treatment

The quality of the water used in our glass washing equipment is extremely important. The quality of the water can determine the quality of the cleaned glass, so determining what type of water treatment that you require is also very important. There are two main types of treatment for the pre treatment of water; Demineralisation and Reverse Osmosis (RO). We would urge you to contact us for advice on an RO system as there are many variables and the capital outlay is relatively high.

Demineralisation System

Our simple Demineralising System can easily be installed between your mains outlet and the glass washing machine. The purification of the water is achieved using an Anion/Cation disposable exchange resin contained within a pressure vessel. The resin has to be changed periodically which is determined by the water conductivity meter. The resin changing process is simple and the frequency of which is determined by overall usage and quality of the water.


  • Treatment Vessel, suitable for mains water pressure.
  • Easy to remove manifold for resin change.
  • Conductivity Meter with constant quality readout.
  • Visual flashing warning light indicating resin change.
  • Supplied with mixed bed Anion/Cation exchange resin.
  • Connecting pipes supplied.
  • Conductivity can be reduced to 5 Microsiemens or less.


  • 24 inch or 36 inch pressure vessel.
  • Available for self installation or delivery and installation


Technical Drawing