Roller Press

This plc controlled machine is designed to press pre-assembled units with poly-iso-butylene (PIB) applied to the spacer bar, producing a primary sealed unit ready for gas filling and a finish seal. The machine is also used to press structural foam spacer bars like ‘Superspacer’. The press can be an integral part of a semi automatic line or as a standalone unit on the end of an existing glass washer unit.


Vertical press with parallel rubber rollers.
Racks are fully conveyor driven with bevel gear drive.
Sensors detect the height of the glass and the roller pressure is adjusted via the plc controller.
Speed 20-45sec per sealed unit.
Vertical edges are pressed for a longer duration to help achieve an even seal.
Available press heights  1.6mtr, 2mtr, 2.5mtr.
Rack size available  2000mm,  2800mm,  3600mm.


Alignment racks for spacer bar positioning
Tilting table to drop large units to the horizontal for sealing
Electric 3 phase rated at 16Amps per phase plus neutral
Compressed Air  3 c.f.m. 100psi.


Technical Drawing