Washer Spares

Hytex Filter

Ref: P0032

Price: £6.59 each £5.00 each (If purchased in a box of 25)

Filter Housing

Ref: P0031

Price: £75.20 each

Demin Resin

Ref: P0203

Price: £75.93 per 25ltr bag

Demin Vessell

Ref: Large P0060
Small P0022

Price: £285.00 Large
£235.00 Small

Drive Tyres

Ref: W2111

Price: £10.65 each

Processing tyres with holes

Ref: W2531

Price: £13.00 each

CM8 Support wheels

Ref: Complete W2102
Tyre only W2103

Price: £11.25 Complete
£3.60 Tyre only

LP20 Pillow Block Assembly

Ref: Complete W2100
Bearing only W2192

Price: £22.75 Complete
£16.26 Bearing only

Blue Poly Tyres

Ref: W2417

Price: £10.65 each

Brass Water Filter

Ref: P0019

Price: £26.84 each

Air Filter

Ref: W2123

Price: £20.75 each

Top Flanged Bearings

Ref: Complete W2170
Bearing only W2438

Price: £44.50 complete
£30.23 bearing only

Bevel Gears

Ref: 15mm Bore W2131
20mm Bore W2132

Price: £21.64 each

Spur Gear 30 Teeth

Ref: W2134

Price: £18.00 each

Rubber Strips

Ref: Input W2198
Output W2199

Price: £14.50 pair

Input/Output Wheel

Ref: W2026

Price: £13.76 each

Conveyorised Output Wheel

Ref: W2404

Price: £14.89 each

Float Switch

Ref: W2205

Price: £20.89 each


Ref: GLAS24

Price: £12.30 1 litre
£61.50 5 litre

Snip Saw Spares

Self adhesive tape

Ref: Right to Left SN016
Left to Right SN017

Price: £19.75 each

TCT Snip Saw Blade

Ref: SN023

Price: £130.90

High Speed Steel Cobra Snip Saw blade

Ref: SN014

Price: £46.50

Clamp Table Spares

1” x 1” Neoprene Foam

Ref: 6X002

Price: £29.25
5 metre roll

Clamp Table Rubber

Ref: 6X003

Price: £41.00
5 metre roll


Ref: 6X011

Price: £1.98 each