Hot Melt sealing machines

Atlantic Machinery’s range of Hot Melt Extruders were designed to cover all levels of Insulated Glass Manufacturing. Whether utilising the machinery for remakes or following production schedules numbering thousands, a suitable machine is available.

Accurate temperature control is achieved by utilising the latest electronic temperature control coupled with the reliability of Type K thermocouple probes. The larger ‘keypad’ type machines are pre-calibrated for all the different hot melt sealants, changeable at the press of a button.
All machines accept standard sealant blocks and are all electric. The machine build specification is high, fitting over spec motor, gearbox and pumps to eliminate premature major component wear. AC motor drive controllers are used throughout the range.

The unique keypad design incorporates the following:
7 day timer, pre-calibrated sealant settings, temp standby, knob free speed control, audible low and high temp warning, security password, etc.


Download our product sheet below to see the full range and specifications of Atlantic Hot Melt Machines



Technical Drawing