Computer spacer bar cutting

The Computerised Bar Cutter has been designed to utilise sealed unit batch data, either by disk or as part of a network. The saw is accurate, fast and safe to operate with the bar stop moving automatically to the particular highlighted size. The bars are pushed to the stop and with foot pedal activation, clamped and cut in one operation. Batches can be interrupted and the saw used in manual operation at any time. The saw is designed for use with spacer and Georgian Bar Grills.


  • On screen adjustable spacer bar reduction – ie. 23, 24, 25mm shorter than glass length
  • Spacer bar storage racking system if required
  • On screen calibration mode
  • Order of work can be preferenced by: bar thickness, length, colour, reference number, or to tie in with Glass Batching Trolleys.
  • Label printing optional
  • Easy to use PC Windows® based operation
  • Power: Isolator box supplied with 3 phase electricity, plus neutral, plus earth.
  • Rated at 20 amps per phase.
  • Compressed air: 100psi / 7 bar 2-4cfm



Technical Drawing