Straight Line Edger ASM945A

The ASM945A 9 spindle, multi-stage edger, produces bottom edge grinding and polishing, with a ground and polished arris to the front and rear. It can also make a a mitred edge from 0′-45′ up to 25mm wide. The machine is controlled by a touchscreen PLC which monitors and automatically adjusts the pneumatic pressure to the polishing heads, guaranteeing a consistently brilliant finish on all glass from 3mm-25mm.


➲ The heavy duty conveyor holds glass as small as 80mm x 80mm
➲ Conveyor bed motorised via touch screen display
➲ Accepts 3mm – 25mm glass
➲ Variable speed 0.8 – 4m per minute
➲ Individual polishing pressures adjustable

Dimensions: Height 1500 mm
Length 6900 mm
Depth 1200 mm



Technical Drawing